Cracking ideas for Christmas days out in Vietnam

By Custom Vietnam Travel | Updated 1/5/2019

Vietnam is a country synonymous with jaw-dropping beauty and stunning diversity. There are glorious beaches, rugged mountains, never-ending rice paddies and the infamous Mekong River Delta waterways just waiting to be discovered on two-wheels. For history buffs, the country’s devastating past is on display throughout the country, while the world-famous coastal archipelago of Ha Long Bay is must-see. Round each day off with the friendly locals – an authentic highlight of any trip to Vietnam. If you are looking for your trips in these Christmas days, I would like show you some cracking ideas for Christmas days out in Vietnam.


1.     Biking adventure


Vietnam is well-known for its diverse nature, ranging from vast rice paddies to long coastline of mesmerizing beaches and enormous mountains after mountains. But what makes biking adventure in this country possible and interesting is the dense network of roads that can get tourists anywhere they wish, be it remote or central. Cycling’s more sedate pace brings you up close and personal with the locals allowing you to glimpse their culture in a way that simply isn't possible with more impatient means of transportation.


The small slopes, sharp corners, strange winds, sidewalk restaurants ... are the reasons for you to plan a cycling journey to explore while traveling through these places in Vietnam. You will find it extremely interesting to see this place.


Journey to discover Da Lat, Hue, Hoi An, Ninh Binh ... do not forget to rent a bike and walk around the streets, enjoy delicious food that it brings you different experiences about these tourist destinations.

  • Mekong Delta ​


A stupendous maze of rivers with floating markets, pagodas, green luscious countryside, and cute little streets make this a dream to ride. Known as the rice bowl’ of Vietnam, foodies will lick their lips as they pedal along with fertile lands that produce stunning tasty fruits, vegetables and, of course, rice. A true feast for the eyes and the belly, it is little wonder this glorious region of Vietnam is considered of the most bike-friendly locations in the world.

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Da Lat

The low hills, the roads around the lake are romantic, the small slope is dyed with flowers, the cool roads of pine trees will make your visit to the flower city more romantic and colorful.

Besides sightseeing, you can see some street food venders along the road, if you like, you can enjoy hot dishes to dispel the cold. Coming to Dalat to ride a bike in the cold foggy weather is nothing more interesting than that, you can also organize groups of friends to cycle together on the hills through the camp.


Hue is an ancient city with narrow intersections and intersections. If traveling by taxi or multi-seat vehicles, it is difficult to admire the poetic beauty of this country.

Not as a noisy and bustling city as other famous tourist cities, Hue is beautiful, gentle, quiet suitable for a bike exploration.


Places you should not miss in this street include tombs, streets of Quoc Hoc Hue, Con Hen, Thuan An beach, ... on the other hand in this interesting journey, do not forget to occasionally cross into the alleys. Small, enjoy alley tea or typical cakes of Hue.



A long sea line and zigzag streets with pleasant fresh air make Danang worthy of the list of great cities for bicycles. From Han River to My Khe Beach, from the market to Non Nuoc, the windy streets of the sea and countless interesting things await visitors. Cycling to the sea and enjoying the fresh seafood, waving under the cool water, nothing more relaxing.

Hoi An

From wandering in the small streets watching ancient roofs, to the road along the Thu Bon River to the Cua Dai Beach or the trails through the immense fields. This journey will not make you "tired" because this city will always cling to you with beautiful works and delicious food not to be missed.

Pu Luong Nature Reserve ​


Pu Luong Nature Reserve is a nature reserve in Northern Vietnam. This nature reserve is situated in Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc districts of Thanh Hoa Province, North Central Coast region of Vietnam. Moreover, it is located along two parallel mountain ridges, that run from north-west to south-east and are divided by a central valley, which contains several human settlements and a large agricultural land area, therefore, is not included within the nature reserve.


One interesting thing that Pu Luong is endowed with great biodiversity, its flora and fauna are closely associated with the Cuc Phuong National Park 25 km South-east and 160 km away from Hanoi, nearly around 4 hours driving by car from Hanoi. pu luong countryside

Ninh Binh ​


Ninh Binh is a rural & peaceful province in the south of Hanoi. It is quite easy to reach Ninh Binh in 2-hour transfer by roads or by rails. Ninh Binh is naturally bestowed with beautiful landscapes of Limestone Mountains, mysteriously-hidden caves & tropical rain forests. Trips to Ninh Binh are great to explore those natural landscapes, historical sites and religious worshipping places with scenic boat rides, beautiful trekking routes & healthy biking adventures.

2. Trekking in Vietnam is one of the best ways to experience the natural


Vietnam is becoming a popular destination for travellers, there have such a wide variety of wonderful landscapes and fascinating places to explore. Particularly, in the north of Vietnam, there are plenty of incredible trekking trails to keep the foot’s adventure travellers. With the unique blend of nature and culture, Northern Vietnam trekking routes are definitely worth the money and effort. In this article, we’ve enlisted the top best trekking trails for adventure in Northern Vietnam to give you an overview of what options you have for trekking in Vietnam.



​Travel magazine Lonely Planet (UK) has just announced 10 great places in the world for walking tourism, including Sapa tourism area (Lao Cai, Vietnam).


Introducing the unique beauty of Sapa, Lonely Planet magazine wrote: “If you have ever had the opportunity to visit this land, you will never forget the image of a charming Sapa in the morning mist, peaceful and at the same time mysterious”.

Located in the northwest of the country, Sa Pa is humble, quiet but has a strong attraction to any tourist, by the magic of its natural scenery and cool, fresh climate. Therefore, Sapa Summer attracts thousands of domestic and international visitors.

Walk or (Trekking) into the forest or through the mountains to explore the nature and life of the indigenous people, discover the majestic beauty of terraces, mountains or waterfalls. It is one of activity you can not miss when visiting Sapa.

  • Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai is an area of beautiful chalk hills across the finest scenery in the north-west of Vietnam. There is an abundance of trekking opportunities in the area, so you definitely won’t want to miss it on the trip to Vietnam.


The trek that takes you to the most colourful of the ethnic people, making you an audience with the most picturesque views and enthralling experiences in the Mu Cang Chai trek. The trek is not a cakewalk but is among one of the best trekking trails for adventure in Northern Vietnam.

Ha Giang is a province, located in the northeast region of Vietnam, there is a quite reputation for many high rocky mountains, limestone formations and springs, but it’s still relatively undiscovered and untouched by mass tourism, with the incredible scenery and wonderful tribal hills mountains. You’ll be walking in a variety of terrains including rock mountains, streams and small villages with picturesque rice fields

One of the highlighted landscapes in Ha Giang is Hoang Su Phi. The fields look best at the yellow season (in the early half of October). Nam Hong village of the Red Yao people. The trek is mostly on a dirt path, gradually downhill and offers you lovely scenery of nature and life. The terraced fields, viewed on the way, are also amazing.


Hoang Su Phi path can be said to be the best trekking trails in Ha Giang, both because of the wonderful sightseeing opportunities it provides and the spiritual significance associated with it. Belong on the road you will pass through the old houses of local people, see the children playing around the village. A trek through this region will be etched in your memory for a lifetime.


Bac Son is a rural district of Lạng Sơn Province in the Northeast region of Vietnam and it is situated 160km northeast of Hanoi. One of the interesting aspects of this valley is its incredibly high mountains which are about 500-1200 meters high. These mountains, together with the valley’s paddy fields, create a great scenic landscape that you can only see its best after climbing to the peak of a mountain which is located just a few minutes from the town. From here, you are absolutely amazed by the stunning 360-degree scenery of mountains, villages, rivers and farms. It can be tiring to climb the mountains, but the effort is very much worth it. Along the hike, you can have a close look at the local farming, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in a good harmony of mountains, forests and local life. The valley’s pathways lead you to the paddy fields where you’ll get a chance to see the beautiful river that runs crossing the rice fields.

  • Important notes

If you are on a journey for the first time, you will surely be surprised. Custom Vietnam Travel would like to share some useful information as well as experience trekking:

Preparing: Trekking is a type of experience and exploring the unique cultural space of the ethnic minorities living here, so for a fun and impressive trekking trip, you should find out the information. about the village, the customs - customs, things to do and not to do when visiting the villages.

Itinerary: Besides measuring, you must also study the cadastral map and topography of the destination area to plan suitable for the trip, calculate the travel distance so that it is reasonable for human strength and prevent from falling. in a dangerous situation. Preview weather forecast for preparation options. Prepare a referral if the trekking area is a border area or a protected area under the management of specialized authorities.

Clothing: Because the trip is primarily a walk, guests need to prepare clothes neatly, sweat-proof and airy. (A suggestion: Clothes should have lots of drawers - pockets for clothes)

Walking Shoes: You should prepare 01 pair of flat shoes, sports shoes, this is a very necessary tool and it determines whether the trip is convenient or not (absolutely do not use: high heels , newly purchased shoes for this trek because it would be very uncomfortable) the material of the shoes also ensures airy, cool, waterproof and fast drying.

Backpack: you will have to carry your own luggage during your trekking journey so please choose a backpack for yourself to store. Should prepare a backpack with belt to tighten the back, backpack straps must have foam cushion to create a comfortable and comfortable feeling for the whole journey to wear backpack.


Food - Drinking: A walk costs a lot of energy and a lot of sweat makes you dehydrated so you need to prepare enough food - drink to replenish your body when needed. Some foods to bring are: Bread, canned meat, sausages, snacks, sweets of all kinds (note to bring a few more packages of candy to be able to share with the children in the village during the visit)

Medicines: Cold, fever, antipyretics, antibiotics, bandages, red pills, vitamins, tonic and Snicker (a very high energy candy) are indispensable. Vaseline is also needed to prevent chapped lips.

3. Relaxing on the beach


Now, it’s time for you to present for yourself a wonderful vacation at a beautiful place. At a certain time, you may realize that your life is not always packed with busy works. A truly and happy life is simply listening to the sound of the sea, or going for a walk with your lover to observe the gorgeous sunset. And maybe the happiest moment is to see your lovers’ smiles.

With a coastline of more than 2,025 miles, it is not surprising that Vietnam has many beautiful beaches and many small bays with white sand beaches and clear blue water suitable for diving. In the daytime sunbathing and watching the sunset in the late afternoon, there is nothing more wonderful.

  • Phu Quoc


Located off the coast of Kien Giang, Ngoc Phu Quoc Island is a favorite destination for travelers who love the tranquil, tranquil beauty of pristine beaches, pristine forests, clear streams, cool.


Coming to Phu Quoc, in addition to swimming, walking in the night markets, exploring famous pearl farming companies, you can also visit the famous landscapes like Dinh Cau, Sao beach, Long beach, sim forest , pepper gardens, fish sauce production establishments Enjoying fresh seafood, visiting Phu Quoc prison is also a must for your trip.

  • Nha Trang


Nha Trang Beach is located in Nha Trang Bay, known as the most beautiful beach of the Vietnamese beach and has been visited by tourists from both domestic and international for many years. As the most beautiful beach in Vietnam with blue sea, white sand stretches endlessly and is one of the 99 most beautiful beaches voted by the National Geographic Magazine of the US in the middle of November 2010, Nha Trang beach with the offshore islands are a tranquil paradise for tourists to visit and delight in enjoying a day with only sunshine, wind and waves. Along the coast of Nha Trang, there is a kite beach for visitors to have fun and play ..

  • My Khe Beach, Quang Ngai


My Khe Beach is located on Highway 24B, 15 km from Quang Ngai town, 16 km from Dung Quat port and near Sa Ky port, in the territory of Co Luy hamlet, Tinh Khe commune, Son Tinh district, Quang Ngai. My Khe Beach impresses tourists with the tranquility and tranquility of a 7km-long blue coastline, covered by deep blue poplar forest and crescent sea. In addition to rest, swimming, you also have the opportunity to visit the memorial of the Son My War Remnants.

  • Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An

Cua Dai Beach - the most beautiful beach in Quang Nam with long sandy beaches, light waves sweeping everything away in the sunny afternoon, a "youthful and lively" beauty. Cua Dai is 5km to the east of Hoi An town where the Thu Bon river flows into the big sea with fine white sand beach, clear blue water, ecological garden; Fishing village with green coconut trees. Cua Dai is considered "charm of the daughter" of Hoi An mother.

  • Quy Nhon Beach (Binh Dinh)


Quy Nhon stretches in a bow shape, embracing the golden sandy beach like a mistress. One side is the broad ocean waves whispering, one side is the row of high-class hotels and resorts directing me to catch the sea breeze. From here, you can see the green coconut trees swaying in the wind, zooming in a little further away, you will see a refreshing ocean blue with the clear blue sky like jade. There are many beaches in Quy Nhon that are famous for wild, beauty like heaven that nature bestowed: Bai Egg, Bai Ghenh Rang - Tien Sa, Bai Dai ...

4. Spending one on the cruise in Lan Hạ Bay


Located in the south of Ha Long Bay and in the east of Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay covers an area of over 7,000 hectares with spectacular views of about 400 islands, large and small, with many interesting shapes. Unlike Ha Long Bay, all islands in Lan Ha Bay are covered with trees, even small islands.

The special thing on Lan Ha bay is that many islands have sandy beaches at the foot of the mountain, making the beauty more vivid, so visitors can visit the boat to hang out on the sand or swim in these pristine sand beaches. In Lan Ha Bay, there is Cai Beo floating village, where more than 2 hundred households live on houses designed on floats and the village has been studied by domestic and foreign archaeologists. Its existence lasts for thousands of years. Tourists often rent a boat for 3-4 hours with the schedule of Beo wharf - Cai Beo bay - visit fish rafts (if buying fish, ask the price first) or visit Ba Trai Dao - about swimming, resting, solving thirsty in Monkey Island then return to Beo.

Unlike Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay has 139 small golden beaches, lovely and desolate as the "green strait" invites visitors to explore. Many sandy beaches stretching between the two rocky mountains, quiet with no big waves, are really ideal beaches. Under the clear blue water are colorful coral beaches such as Van Boi and Van Ha beaches ... The calm waters like Sen Island, Cu Island, Monkey Island ..., are where visitors can dive to watch the coral.

Although not known by many tourists, Lan Ha Bay is considered as one of the most beautiful bays of Vietnam. When the weather is autumn, Lan Ha Bay is the most beautiful time with the light sunshine, not hot, gentle with the cool breeze of the ocean, making visitors comfortable to enjoy the refreshing and relaxing boat ride, admire the bay.

With a cool, fresh climate, you can travel to Lan Ha Bay at any time of the year. Normally, for domestic tourists, they usually go in the summer from April to October. The weather is sunny, the sea is clear, suitable for relaxing bathing as well as sailing on the bay. As for foreign tourists, Lan Ha Bay becomes the most beautiful from November to March.

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