One Pillar Pagoda 

By Custom Vietnam Travel | Updated 1/5/2019

On October 10th, 2012; in Faridabad of India, the Asian Record Organization has crowned One Pillar Pagoda as the most unique temple in Asia. So, do you curious about what makes this temple so special that won its prize. Also, another hint for you that you can easily visit this temple after taking a tour to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Does Custom Asia Travel intrigue you enough to spend your precious time visit One Pillar Pagoda? Continue reading and you might find more information that you need than ever before.

One Pillar Pagoda

According to Dai Viet history, the pagoda was built in the winter of October of the lunar year, the year of Sung Hung Dai Bao 1 (1409) of Ly Thai Tong. King Ly Thai Tong (1028 - 1054) dreamed to see Quan Am Buddha on the lotus lotus, bringing his hand to the King. When waking up the King told me and Zen Master advised Tue King to build a temple, build a stone pillar in the middle of the land, with the top of the pillar is the statue of Guan Yin sitting on the lotus. This style of architecture allows to think about the structure of the men (the Iron Man / Column of Business) - a type of Buddhist architecture, often erected to create merit.

Inside The One Pillar Pagoda

When the pagoda was inaugurated, monks vegetarian and chanted prayers for the king to live a long time, so the pagoda also has the name "Dien Huu Pagoda", meaning long-term happiness. Every year on April 8 of the lunar calendar, the King comes to the temple to celebrate the bathing of the Buddha. The monks and people of Thang Long city attended the ceremony. After the Buddha bathing ceremony was the launching ceremony, the King stood on a high platform before the temple released a bird to fly away, then the people flew along the birds in the cheers of a festival.

One Pillar Pagoda 

From the yard to the temple floor to chant prayers, must step through 13 steps 1.4m wide. In 1106, the pagoda was restored and expanded by King Ly Nhan Tong, becoming a large architectural complex. Particularly, the guy in front of the pagoda is added new features. The sutra is placed in the middle of a square pond with lotus, called Linh Chieu Lake, at the top of the column is a gold-plated lotus. In the middle of the lotus building, there is a purple painted electric temple, the electric ribs are attached with a statue of a god bird for decoration and deviant devotion. In the electricity place gold-plated Guan Yin Buddha statue.


For many years, the One Pillar Pagoda was restored and restored many times through the times of Tran, Hau Le and Nguyen. In 1954, before withdrawing from Hanoi, French troops set explosives to destroy the One Pillar Pagoda, the only remaining pillar with wooden beams. In 1955, the Ministry of Culture restored the One Pillar Pagoda and handed over to architect Nguyen Ba Lang.

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