St. Joseph’s Cathedral

By Custom Vietnam Travel | Updated 1/5/2019

Located at the center of Hanoi Capital, middle of crowded streets with thousands of visitors per day, St. Joseph’s Cathedral has become one of the most famous attractions in Hanoi by its beauty as well as the history. For a short time since 1975 til 1990, the church was closed due to the reunification but it still owns the old beauty and Custom Asia Travel would like to give you a short introduction about this be-loved St. Joseph’s Cathedral.

One Pillar Pagoda

St. Joseph’s Cathedral was consecrated in 1886 during the time that French colonists Vietnam from motive to save souls the Catholic way even Vietnam is predominantly Buddhist. St. Joseph's Cathedral was designed as a duplicated of the Notre Dame of Paris. This can be seen on Sundays, when St Joseph's becomes absolutely pack of people come here to enjoy freedom of worship. In the pass, it only took 4 years (from 1884 to 1987) to build St. Joseph’s Cathedral while in at European countries, it usually took hundred years to fully finished building a church. No doubt that this is one among the biggest churches in Vietnam with 64,5 meters in length, 20,5 meters in width, 31,5 meters in height. The exterior walls were made of granite stone slabs. However, since more than 100 years has passed, the walls are being stained which created an ancient outlook but still, attracts tourists and locals from everywhere to visit.

The pictures of st. joseph's cathedral Hanoi

Starting walking further inside St. Joseph’s Cathedral, it was decorated by gothic style with tall windows at two sides across the room. In the past, the make sure that the church has the exacted same look as the original version in France, the stained glass windows were produced in France and deliver to Vietnam. On the left side of the nave is the statue of Virgin Mary kept in a palanquin. Most of the decoration was made of trimmed wood which creates a warming peaceful feeling for every visitor. There is no time limitation to visit the St. Joseph’s Cathedral’s outside. However, there is opening time of ceremonial from 5:30am to 6:15pm during weekday, at 6pm on Saturday and the church opens all day on Sunday. Everyone can easily find the church since it’s located at the connecting corner of Nha Chung and Nha Tho St. which two of the busiest streets in Hanoi. The exacted address is 40 Nha Chung St. You don’t need to pay to visit the church, it’s free for everyone. After visiting the church, you can take a walk to Ho Guom Lake (Sword Lake), Ngoc Son Temple, and other nearby attractions.

Exterior of St. Jospeh Cathedral

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