The hidden places in Southern Vietnam

By Custom Vietnam Travel | Updated 1/5/2019

Not majestic mountain scenery like the North, nor magnificent, beautiful as the beauty and sunshine of the Central. The South reminds many travelers by the gentleness, tranquillity and simplicity. Tourism in the South stands out with immense fields of storks flying in a straight line, gentle green rivers, sumptuous fruit orchards ... Return to the Southeast with majestic historic sites and backgrounds unique culture. And the West is the bustling floating market early in the morning, the creeks, ditches and the sweet tales of the beautiful Western girl ... All the beauty of the South and its people leave in your heart that will make an unforgettable Vietnam trip. Today, Custom Vietnam Travel will show you the top hidden places in southern Vietnam, you might not be missed in your southern Vietnam trip.

1. Tay Ninh

Tay Ninh is a province in the Southeast region of Vietnam. This beautiful land is a bridge between Ho Chi Minh City and the capital of Phnom Penh, so it possesses many unique interfering architectures of the two countries. Tay Ninh is quite a lot of famous spiritual architecture that everyone wants to explore. In particular, the spiritual beauty of Ba Den Mountain is a famous place to attract domestic and foreign tourists.

Cao Dai Temple in Tay Ninh

2. Vung Tau

Referring to Vung Tau tourism, we will have a peaceful feeling of the fresh green sea and long white sand beaches, cool and spacious roads filled with green trees, majestic and green mountains together. pure pagodas ... Vung Tau City is not only idyllic, peaceful, but also a lot of beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions. This place is loved by young people with natural beauty and many interesting tourist attractions: White Palace, Kito Statue, Lighthouse, Beaches, coastal resorts with beautiful views ...

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Beautiful Vung Tau Beach

3. Long An

Long An is the gateway connecting the Southeast and the Mekong Delta, so Long An has many attractive tourist attractions. Like other river provinces, Long An is gentle with vast lotus fields, lush melaleuca forest and mysterious forest paths ... Surely this is an interesting resort for those who want to explore quite the life of the region. charming river.

Peaceful village in Long An

4. An Giang

An Giang is a south-western province, the first place in the Mekong Delta to receive Mekong water. Arriving in An Giang, the first feeling is the peace and comfort here. The green, young rice fields. Sky soaring, clear. The sound of birds chirping on the tops of tall trees mingles with the sound of children playing in the rice fields. All create a beautiful picture of the countryside that surely, anyone who comes here will remember forever.

Green village in An Giang

5. Can Tho

Can Tho is a large province in the Mekong Delta of the Southwest region of Vietnam. Referring to Can Tho tourism, people will think of the bustle of the floating market every morning, sumptuous orchards and unique architecture of old houses, etc. All create a harmonious beauty, special that can not be confused with anywhere. Can Tho tourism is an ideal destination for those who want to explore the western region of the river.

Women harvests water lilies in the fertile Mekong Delta

6. Kien Giang


Kien Giang is located in the extreme southwest of Vietnam, and is one of the hidden places in southern Vietnam with a long coastline and a border with Cambodia. Kien Giang tourism is well known as a famous cultural and tourist land in the Mekong Delta region. In addition to Ngoc Phu Quoc Island, Go to Kien Giang, visitors have countless choices of attractive and outstanding trips with attractive destinations such as: Ha Tien landscape, Nam Du island, U Minh Thuong forest, many temples Chieng according to the unique Khmer architecture ...

Beautiful pictures in Kien Giang Province

7. Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island (also known as Pearl Island) is Vietnam's largest and most beautiful island. The island belongs to Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang province. Phu Quoc Island is the perfect combination of beautiful beaches, romantic sunsets, lush green forests and peaceful atmosphere. Especially, this place is a paradise of the most luxurious and luxurious restaurants and coastal resorts in Vietnam. Therefore, Phu Quoc Island is an ideal destination for relaxation, attracting numerous tourists around the world.

Beautiful picture of Phu Quoc

8. Ca Mau Cape

Ca Mau Cape is the end point of Vietnam, the hidden places in southern Vietnam, the sacred land of the people here and a place to attract domestic and foreign tourists. Coming to the last land of Vietnam, you will feel the holiness, "soul" of the nation through every inch of land. It also contains the love and closeness of Ca Mau people to a strange. Ca Mau tourism promises to bring visitors many attractive attractions: Nui Bac island, Thi Tuong lagoon, Hon Khoai, Mui Ca Mau ...

Ca Mau Cape

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