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Thung Nham Ecotourism Zone - Bird Park

By Custom Vietnam Travel | Updated 1/5/2019

Thung Nham Ecotourism Zone is one of the tourist destinations in the core zone of Trang An World Heritage Complex. There are quite a famous for the bird garden and typical cave tourist sites such as Vo Gioi cave, Tien Ca cave, Thuy Cung cave and But cave … Tourists will be impressed with the harmonious blend of landscapes and the friendly, helpful people. Surrounded by tropical forest strips on limestone mountains with many valleys and wonderful caves, along with natural plants and untouched flora, Thung Nham ecotourism zone is the convergence of the unique natural landscapes and stunning scenery.

The beautiful picture in Thung Nham Ecotourism Zone

Thung Nham is located in Hoa Lu special-use forest with the topography of limestone sand rising up in the relatively flat coastal plain of Northern Vietnam. It is about 108km from Hanoi, just nearly 2 hours by car. Thung Nham is the contiguous place between Hoa Lu district and Gia Vien and Nho Quan district and Tam Diep city are all in Ninh Binh province. Furthermore, it is just 10km from Ninh Binh city centre and located at the western of Ninh Hai commune and Hoa Lu district. It is really convenience for you to travel around all tourist attractions in Hoa Lu district on all the day like just far about 5km to Tam Coc – Bich Dong tourist zone.

Peaceful picture in Thung Nham Ecotourism Zone

Visitors will have an opportunity to see the big natural vegetation as the villages are intermingled between limestone areas. According to the survey results of Forest Inventory and Planning Institute, there is a home to a total of 577 high-grade plant species and 10 rare, precious plant species which are recorded in the Vietnam Red Book.

On the other hand, there are not only well known about the wonderful landscape and various plant species. Tourists also can discover a variety of historical, cultural values here. Due to under the Ding dynasty in the 10th century, Hoa Lu was chosen as the capital of Vietnam, then continued to be the capital under the Le Dynasty, there are many old temples and caves in this area.

Sailing through the Vai Gioi Cave in Thung Nham

As I said before there are a lot of attractive tourist sites at Thung Nham like But Hien cave, Vai Gioi cave, the orchard with a ton of fruit trees, along with thousand-year-old toothbrush trees and hundred-year-old banyan trees. To be detailed I will illustrate you the Vo Gioi cave which is located at an altitude of 439 stone steps to reach the cave entrance, on the high mountain about 5000 m2 wide with 3 dynamic floors containing a lot of shimmering stalagmites. After climbing more than 400 steps to reach to the cave, visitors will enter the Vo Gioi Cave with cool air penetrating right into the body and they will have a chance to see the very unique shapes of stalactites and stones as you can imagine that it is bodhisattva or heavenly,… Next to the But Cave which is a natural stone cave 500m long, has a sparkling stone emulsion system. Especially in the cave, there is a Buddha image likes he sits next to the underground river. But there is no light system in the cave, tourists must take a flashlight to visit.

But Cave in Nhung Nham

When tourists get there, they also can’t miss the Tien Ca cave ( Fish cave) which is longer than 1500m and has a stalactite stone system. This is a cave of water across the mountain in the Tham Nhung region. Over millions of years of natural creation, this place also handed down a story about a petrified Mermaid. The stalactites are like the sophisticated art paintings of nature. In the journey to visit Tien Dong cave, tourists can walk on a corridor with bamboo rafts to penetrate into the cave.

 If the time in the dark cave creates unexpected experiences, then out of the cave, visitors will not be shy when in front of their eyes is a gorge valley gorgeous surrounding Rocky Mountains and pristine forests. Come here, visitors have the chance to visit the tree hundreds of years old, with vitality, flexibility, tough giant trees stand still horns to decorate more wild for this land.

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Wonderful garden Thung Nham Ecotourism Zone

Visitors to Thung Nham with visiting the bird garden that it is an area of ​​over 300ha, is home to about 40,000 birds, about 5,000 bird species of all kinds, belonging to 46 bird species. In which many species of birds have been recorded in the Red Book of Vietnam such as Giang Sen, Coc De small ... At the same time, Thung Nham is also home to 109 species of plants, 150 species of animals, including 58 species of fish, 7 species of amphibians, 10 mammals ... very need to be preserved and developed. There, visitors can take fantastic pictures, to see the lovely birds are flying.

The lovely birds in Thung Nham 

This is a great place for people are looking for the scenic and peaceful places, just want to relax and enjoy specialities, hide of the hustle and bustle in the big city. Furthermore, visitors can visit the garden at Thung Nham to enjoy the fruits of the tropical country and try to feel the farmer’s garden. Then discover and experience in primary forest. Here, there are flora, fauna and abundance, fresh air, cool promises to bring many surprises, interesting for visitors.

At the end of the day, visitors can go to love Valley to be immersed in the poetic space, store love. This is a harmonious combination of grass and flowers to create a beautifully natural picture.

The sun is on the other side of the mountain, and the sunset turns to leave Thung Nham calm and fanciful. To finish the journey, visitors can enjoy the food made from goat meat, such as goat, goat’s grilled or fried goat rolls. Especially enjoy the food made from fresh vegetables, attractive. Exactly tourists will have a life time to be here.

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