Breathtaking Beauty of Terraced Rice Fields

of Vietnam in harvesting season

By Custom Vietnam Travel | Updated 1/5/2019

It’s not everywhere in the world that you can see and visit the beautiful aesthetics and bountiful yield of a rice terrace. Fortunately, in Vietnam where is famous for its vibrant and plentiful agricultural from the North to the South, we are very much blessed to have some incredible spots of stunning rice fields for travellers all around the world to come and witness themselves. Furthermore, rice terraces in Vietnam are also known as a unique culture and famous tourist attractions as well, lots of tourists say that when they go to Vietnam “they absolutely have to see the beautiful scenery of terraced rice fields of Vietnam.” This article our local experts will illustrate to travellers the top picturesque destinations during the harvesting season from September to October that you shouldn’t miss in your Northern Vietnam tours.


Sapa is the legendary Indochina roof-top and also the home of several ethnic minority groups such as Hmong, Dao (Yao), Giay, Xa Pho and Tay. Sapa is always the best attractive tourist destination at any time of the year. Notably, around September to October, Sapa entered the “golden season” is the best time to see the brilliant, magnificent terraces as the ladder leading to the sky. Not only admire the spectacular terraced fields, travelling Sapa in “harvest season,” tourists can breathe the fresh air of the autumn. Sapa is picturesque with wildflowers blooming along the slopes hill, visitors will be immersed in the romantic nature and merge at the bustling atmosphere of the harvest season. Furthermore, the weather in Sapa is cold all year round, daytime temperatures are between 18-25 degrees, the weather is little rainy, visitors will experience a day with four distinct seasons, and it’s suitable for ecotourism journey. I believe that the harmony of the golden rice fields in the harvesting season with the white clouds swirling the green mountains creates the perfect tranquillity picture that you can’t find anywhere else.

2. Ha Giang

Besides Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, Ha Giang is also a worldwide reputation for the Hoang Su Phi terraced rice fields, which were recognized as National Heritage by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2012. During the collecting season, those terraces in Hoang Su Phi seem like the golden stairs case to heaven with the sunray shine from the blue sky. Notably, at the end of September and early October, terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang always make the Northern mountainous area warm and productive by the golden of the ripe rice. Visitors immensely enjoy the majestic nature view, the riped rice fields with the terraced fields and the peaceful atmosphere here. This is really a masterpiece that travellers cannot take their eyes off as they are going to be lost in the fairy scene of the terraced fields. Many photographers have felt in love with the magnificent and vastness scenery of Ha Giang. Furthermore, travellers also can have an opportunity to experience the real life of the locals, to enjoy the bustle of the harvesting season from harvesting rice then beating, drying and rubbing to form rice by the skilled hands of ethnic people. Visitors will definitely have a forgettable time in Ha Giang during their tours in Vietnam

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Bac Son is a rural town of Lang Son Province, which is about 160 kilometres to the North-east from Hanoi. The small town of 698 square kilometres snuggled in the heart of a broad valley, surrounded by gorgeous mountains. Visitors cannot resist the fresh air and pleasant climate of Bac Son Valley. The signature feature of Bac Son during July or mid-November, when the harvesting season starts, is a brilliant yellow picture of the rice fields. For example, in the afternoon sunlight, everything seems to be dyed a warm yellow. The boundary of the area as the curves of winding, carrying on the dust is heavy cotton. Travelling to Bac Son during the harvesting season, visitors will be pleased to fall in love with the majestic natural scenery and to let the hair down in the fresh air belong with the extended mountainous area. There is a beautiful place where tourists can step down the golden rice fields and enjoy the scent along with the pure taste of nature
You can start your journey to Bac Son by bus from Hanoi (My Dinh, Gia Lam, Luong Yen) to Lang Son, and then you can catch a taxi to Bac Son Valley. We would like to recommend to you our holiday packages 


Mu Cang Chai is a remote area of Yen Bai Province in the North-east of Vietnam. As lying at the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain range, at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, Mu Cang Chai rice terrace fields stretch across 2200 hectares of the mountainsides. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism have recognized La Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha and Ze Xu Phinh as national sceneries. Mu Cang Chai, with its unique landscapes, has attracted both domestic and international tourists. Even though this small town considered as a poor and relatively undeveloped, its wild and primitive natural environment has always been a popular attraction around the beginning of October when the rice harvest starts. Not only Mu Cang Chai Yen Bai is also famous for other destination, for example, Khau Pha Pass, one of the most magnificent mountain pass in Vietnam and Tu Le Town.
You can take a bus to Yen Bai from Hanoi, to be more flexible; you can rent a motorbike in Yen Bai to ride to Mu Cang Chai. We would like to recommend to you our holiday packages. 

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