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The tradition custom of Vietnamese women in Ao Dai has a long tradition. From Dong Son culture period, the typical feature is the bronze drum. The vignetting image of Dong Son drum is decorated on long dresses from centuries ago. The article introduces some traditional costumes of Vietnamese women.


Beautiful picutre of women vietnam in their traditional clothes - Ao Dai

1. Four-body shirt – Ao Tu Than

History records that the two female kings of Vietnam were Trung Trac and Trung Nhip sisters riding elephants and fighting with the enemy. Along with the two-piece long dress with golden senses, Hai Ba Trung is riding an elephant and fighting.


In order to show respect, the women at that time replaced the two-piece dress and replaced it with the four-piece dress called the four-body shirt. Over time, the years from the 17th to the 19th century have been renovated to become costumes for noble luxury women.


As described, the foursome is a thin long dress worn by Vietnamese women next year after many interlocking colors. When traveling, the lower part of the waist consists of many dresses with full of fluttering looks very beautiful. By the early years of the 20th century, the four-colored tunic was used as a costume for ivory wear.


This costume is only seen by Vietnamese women on occasions of traditional festivals. The four body shirt consists of two pieces, sewed together in the front. When wearing the two front bodies are tied, the upper part does not attach to the neck, but revealing the bib.


Currently, the image of the body worn by the four-body is a sporty hat often worn by brothers and sisters (singers who sing folk songs of Bac Ninh family) on festive occasions. During the festival, they wear this outfit and confront each other with beautiful mandarin songs, this is a beautiful traditional culture that has been preserved for many generations.

2.  Ao Dai

Ao Dai is a traditional costume of Vietnam, covering the body from the neck to or over the knee, for both men and women. Dresses are often worn on formal festivals, or girls wear when going to school. Perhaps there is no official document that states that Ao Dai is the national costume of Vietnamese women. But in fact, when it comes to Vietnamese women, it is impossible not to mention ao dai.


Ao Dai is a traditional costume of Vietnam, not only that it has long been a beautiful symbol for Vietnamese women. Long dress is a discreet type of shirt because it covers the body from the neck to the knee, when worn will show the elegance and courtesy of the woman.


Ao Dai is worn over the body to bring traditional beauty but no less modern. Costumes are easy to wear without fussy, just with silk pants with colors matching shirts with clogs, comedy or shoes are okay. Can combine with some accessories to help you become more luxurious.


Ao dai helps women respect the absolute beauty of the body. The upper design hugging the body, the lower part has two soft blouses down the pants leg. Girls wearing long dresses are comfortable but still respect the feminine beauty and still show off their bodies in a tight way.

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3 Ao Ba Ba - a traditional southern Vietnamese garment

Ao Ba Ba is a very popular outfit in the countryside of Vietnam, especially in the South, especially the people in the Mekong Delta. People in the past used to like this trio because it wore up very gently and comfortably.

It is unclear exactly when the Ao Ba Ba appeared, but there is an assumption about the appearance of the trio dating from the Hau Le dynasty in the Southern region. Another theory is that Ao Ba Ba is appeared in the late 18th century and the early 19th century and was renovated from the clothes of Malaysians.

Farmers often wear to work in the field. Ao Ba ba is sewn with one type of fabric, litchi, litchi ... easy to wash and dry quickly. On the part of the three-piece dress is flared on the side to help bring a sense of comfort for the wearer. The front flap of the jacket has two more large and convenient pockets to hold the daily necessities.

By the convenience and comfort, the Ba Ba shirt is worn by both men and women in the Mekong Delta at work, at the market, at play. Particularly when going out, they often choose lighter colors like white, ash gray. And the girls, the women chose young, pale green, etc. with more expensive fabrics such as the, silk ..

4. Traditional costumes of Vietnamese ethnic groups

Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups each with their own traditional costumes, among which there are ethnic groups with very beautiful and unique costumes. Each costume has different beauty and meaning, imprinting the cultural traditions and customs of that nation, it is the breath, the soul of a people. Let's take a look at some traditional costumes of Vietnamese ethnic groups.

  • Red Dao people

The Red Dao are a people of Chinese origin, scattered in the provinces of Ha Giang, Lao Cai and Yen Bai. Red Dao people, especially women, look very well dressed. Usually their outfits included tops, hats, pants, belts and leggings. The shirt is a long dress, wrists and hem are red brocade motifs embroidered on indigo black fabric, the black pants below have embroidery patterns. The striking red headscarf is a highlight for the entire outfit as well as a unique feature of the Red Dao people.



  • Thai people

Thai people include White Thai, Black Thai and Red Thai with about 1.5 million people. Traditional female clothes are skirts (long or skirts) decorated with many motifs like the sun, flowers, dragons, ... with sparkling silver buttons. Comes with a belt and a Pieu scarf and some silver jewellery. Men wear simple, not too many motifs. Looking at the outfit is enough to escape the gentle beauty of Thai girls.

  • Tay people

The Tay people with more than 1.6 million people live mainly in the Northern provinces. Like other ethnic groups, the Tay attach great importance to culture of dress, they also have their own traditional costumes. The Tay's costume is entirely made of self-woven fabric, and both men and women wear the same melaleuca color. And almost no decorative motifs, the highlight is silver jewellery and belts.

  • H’Mong people

If the traditional Tay costume is the simplest, the H’M people have very elaborate and colorful costumes. Those are the clothes usually made of linen with many striking colors, diverse and sophisticated patterns. Often their full outfit would consist of a ripped-up shirt, pleated skirt, a head cap and leggings, with beads or coins attached to enhance the look as well as show the will of spirituality.

For the Flower H’Mong and White H’Mong people, their clothing is mainly focused on rectangular, diamond-shaped brocade patterns, etc. on the back of the shirt. As for the Black Butt, Red Butt is in the sleeve area and chest. Their skirts are pleated skirts, usually white, with a long waist belt with prominent colors like blue, pink, ...

Flower H'mong people - one of beautiful traditional costumes of Vietnam

Black H'mong people - one of beautiful traditional costumes of Vietnam

  • Muong ethnic

The costumes of Muong ethnic women are quite simple but no less unique. It is a pon shirt (short skirt) and the skirt is usually black or light brown, sewing on the upper body, with a high waistband. The top of the skirt and the waistband are made of elaborate brocade. Muong women often wear this outfit and wear white or blue scarf, using a green belt. In general, this outfit is not sophisticated but extremely elegant and the beauty that they conceive is shown on it.

Muong people - one of beautiful traditional costumes of Vietnam

  • Cham people

Although not too colorful, the traditional costumes of the Cham ethnic women always have a strange attraction. They see traditional ao dai as the most beautiful and sacred costume. Their outfits are long, closed-cut, long-sleeved dresses, the lower part is sewn to the feet, the skirt comes with regular shirts of the same color, just darker or lighter. The highlight of the outfit is the waist with iridescent gold tones, meticulously decorated with a cross across the chest and around the waist. Comes with a headscarf that increases both grace and shade.

Cham people - one of beautiful traditional costumes of Vietnam

  • Nung people

Not as colorful as the costumes of some ethnic groups, the Nung's costume is quite simple. Nung's way of dress reflects partly on the culture and customs of the Nung people. Usually made of coarse dyed indigo fabric and less embroidered. Both men and women wear a large, wide-legged, ankle-length leggings with fringe focused on the flaps and hem of the shirt.

Nung men often wear ao dai, foursome, close-fitting shirts, long and wide sleeves, round cut collar. Nung women's clothes are richer and more diversified, they wear both 5-body and 4-body tops. The collar is decorated with square motifs, shaped like a seal, arranged in contiguous triangles. The most unique is the pattern in the collar, made of silver, shaped like a butterfly on the sides and attached to the triangle fringes. This is a symbol of the Nung woman's wish for happiness.

Nung people custom- one of beautiful traditional costumes of Vietnam

It is impossible to tell all traditional costumes of Vietnam in different ethnic groups, but this shows that they all have very own traits, very personal identities that are preserved. The 54 ethnic groups are 54 different costumes, all of which have their very own distinctive identities. All make a beautiful, beautiful Vietnam picture.

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